The International Space Station

What is the I. S. S?

The I. S. S is a large space craft by NASA orbiting around earth. It is a place where scientists live and work. It is also a science lab. It was formed by many countries such as Japan, Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Canada. 16 countries in total are together working with NASA. In the future, NASA plans to travel farther into space.

When was it built?

The first piece of the I. S. S was launched in the year 1998. It wasn't until October 2000 when they sent up the first pack of Astronauts to go on the first I. S. S mission. NASA and its partners around the globe finished the I. S. S in 2011. They still add new pieces to it to this day.


In space you do not get fresh cooked meals since you do not have a stove or an oven or anything. Also everything would float in micro-gravity. There isn't a fridge either so astronauts have to eat packaged food. The food comes in boxes either from Russia or the U. S. A. You can tell by the color of the box; blue means U. S. A and red means Russia. Food is created in food laboratories and astronauts pick from many different selections and pick their favorite for space.


The micro-gravity can do bad things to your body. It creates loss of bone and muscle. Astronauts have to prevent that in their work out room to stay healthy. The first piece of equipment is called the advanced resistance exercise device or the ARED and it can be used in many different ways. You can do squats, heel raises, bench press and dead-lift. Some exercises involve you being upside down or upside right. There are also some other exercise machines like the bicycle and the treadmill.


Even in space, everyone needs to sleep to function well and work hard. On the I. S. S, its a little bit different to sleep. When you sleep you stand up and your strapped down so you don't float away . It might seem weird but with no gravity your body just relaxes while you sleep in your little suit so you're not sleeping on the ceiling. Every astronaut have their own space compartment. Its called T.E.S.S, temporary sleep station. In it you can watch T.V, movies and search the web on your own computer in front of your “bed”. Every astronaut has a bedtime of around 9:30 and wakes up at around 6:00.


Hygiene is different on the I. S. S like everything is because of the micro-gravity. When you brush your teeth you swallow the toothpaste because there is no sink and you have to make sure you don't open your mouth so all the liquid wont float. When you shower you slowly squirt droplets of water to your hair and you have a leave in shampoo. When you go to the washroom you have to strap yourself to the seat and there is a suction in the toilet so things don't get messy. Your urine goes into a tube and there is a large selection of toilet paper to choose from. For washing your hands you use a no-rinse soap water and rub your hands together like you would usually do and then dry them off. Everything you normally do on Earth is all change when there's no gravity, that's for sure.

Fun Facts

The I. S. S is so big, it weighs an astonishing 1 Million pounds! It is the largest artificial body in orbit. It's so big, the area is about the size of an American Football field including the end zones! As of 2010, the cost of the I. S. S is believed to be 150 Billion! Since that was 5 years ago, it surely costs more since they add new parts to it.

I hope you liked this Tackk about the I. S. S. I also hope that you learned something new about it. bye! :)

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