Ghost sightings

The Amityville Horror   -By: Ashley McCoy

The background for The Amityville Horror is based on a true story, The Amityville Horror is about a house that is possessed with ghost and whoever lives there gets a bit of a taste of it. It's a pretty bad house that people use to live in. They say in 1974 Ronald DeFeo, Jr had shot and killed 6 members of his family in the house. The family Was all a happy family and they would always get along with others and they would have hardly had any trouble. When they moved to the house that's when everything fell out of place and they all had started to change. Then thirteen months latter the Lutzes family moved in,Which as well was 5 members, and 28 days later they were gone with only 2 members left because they said they got terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.The Mom and son had found the Dad and other two siblings dead in their beds. The house is still possessed and no one is allowed to live there now. However you can visit the house, and they are trying to sell it but no one will buy it,but they do not allow you to go inside the house and give it a tour. The house is still standing strong, Even though it was built in 1924. They also say the neighbors who live beside the house, get scared alot at night time because they hear screaming,  voices and banging just about every night and its no one in the house.  Yes they have solved the Mystery of the house. However NO ONE is allowed in the house unless you want to get slung around and killed. This house became famous ONLY Because every family that lived there either died or got terrorized. In my Opinion I wouldn't even visit the house to see what it looks like, because i'd be scared that the spirit might come outside, and kill me. Maybe when i'm older ill visit it tho and take a HUGE chance.Their was a priest that came inside the house once before to try to get the spirits out, He suddenly heard a voice yell at him "GET OUT!!!" Every morning at 3;15 the men who lived there would wake up and the spirit would be inside of them. Only one time it got into a female, and when the spirit was in her it made her shoot everyone around, People who lived there were not the same people and the family was worried. They always acted different and when they were out of the house they was back to there normal self again. Nobody could ever figure out what it was until they actually was able to test the house.

People Who were killed in the house: 1.Daniel (9) 2.Christopher (7) 3. Melissa (5) George (32)... These are the only ones I could find that would show, I couldn't find anymore names.

The Killer who started the ghost and spirits : Ronald Joseph ''Butch'' DeFeo JR. He was born on September 26th,1951. He killed the first family that lived there and for this he got caught. Now its just spirits in the house to take over. Ronald Is no longer alive. He was placed in prison for life, and was never seen again by anyone. He testified in court that he was possessed by Satan, But they didn't believe him what so ever. After all, He was locked up the next day of the shootings.

This was a spirit / ghost that was caught on camera in the middle of the night In the Amityville House.

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