To live or to be alive?

In the poem, The Choice by: Dorothy Parker there was a little lady who had to make a choice.  

She stated, "One gave me rolling lands, house with marble, and pearls to trickle between my hand, and you-- you only a lilting song, a melody, happy and high."

In the end the lady chooses and said, "someone ought to examine my head."  In indication she chose the man who had less to offer.  However, she made the better choice.  Life is not always about what we can buy, but what truly makes the soul happy.  The lady was living life with the rich guy buying her nice things and spoiling her with wealth, but she wanted more than just to live and exist, but she wanted to be alive.  Alive means vibrant, alert and more than existing.  She wanted to have what money could not buy "happiness and richness in the heart" and that is what the poor guy offered her forever.  So, I ask you, is it better to live or to be alive?"