Three steps to a better social profile.


1. Add a picture.

Put a face to the name. Upload a picture to put a personal touch on your Tackk profile. You can use your headshot, a candid photo, business logo or some other picture that defines who you are as a Tackker.

2. Tell us about yourself.

First: name, please! You can use just first and last name or, if you're a business or blogger, use your biz or blog name. Depends on how you plan to Tackk. Next, add a brief bio that gets to the core of who you are, what you're interested in, what you Tackk about or how you do business. Finally, tell us where you're coming from. Literally. List just city and state, country, your address or a state of mind.

3. Link it all together.

Connect your Tackk profile to your other social profiles. List links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram account. You can refer back to your Tackk profile with URL:

BONUS: Update your username

Visit your Account Settings to update your Tackk username (if needed). You'll not only use it to refer back to your Tackk profile URL, but pass it out to everyone who should follow you on

Ready to get started?

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