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Greek God of the Sea

Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea, who's capabilities is making seas, earthquakes, and natural and supernatural evens. The Roman name for Poseidon is Neptune. His brothers are Hades, God of the Underworld, and Zeus, God of Thunder, his sisters are Hestra, Hera, and Demeter, and his parents are Cronus and Rhea. Poseidon is married to Amphitrite and has a son named Triton. He created a land animal, horses. The symbols are the horse, the dolphin, and his trident. The Greek God is often portrayed as an old man with a beard and blue hair.

Ricardo André Frantz (User:Tetraktys) - taken by Ricardo André Frantz


Horses are the land animal Poseidon created. Their just cute little drawings, not a photo.

Cartoon Horses by DelightsJD


Dolphin 09 by clipartcotttage

His trident helps him control the sea

This is the Temple of Hephaistos, located in the Agora of Athens.

Storeye - Own work

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