The Great Gatsby

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Wilson Alleged Murder of Jay Gatsby

Life before Death

Daisy had just killed Myrtle while driving Gatsby car. Myrtle ran out thinking Tom was driving Gatsby car again. Nick was the only one who knew about the accident. The car was the only trace of knowing who killed Myrtle.

Daisy told Gatsby to go to Atlantic City or up to Montreal. Gatsby did not want to leave Daisy until he knew what she was going to do. Gatsby felt as if he was married to Daisy. Gatsby said, " he was getting deeper in love every minute, then all of a sudden he did not care." George Wilson sat and wondered about his wife murder. Him and Michaelis sat and George Wilson thought about the dog leash and became more and more curious about who could've hit Myrtle. Wilson the next day went about and was looking for owner of the yellow car. Gatsby had no plans but to get in his pool. Gatsby was in his pool when someone arrived. It was described as a fantastic figure gliding toward him throughout the amorphous trees.  

The chauffeur he was one of Wolfshiem's protégés heard shots. Nick arrived to Gatsby house he rushed anxiously up the steps he firmly believed that knew what happen. The chauffeur, butler, gardener, and Nick, hurried to the pool. Their was a thin red circle in the water. After seeing that they saw Wilson's body a little way off in the grass. Gatsby was no longer alive.    

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