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ICT course Girona 2014

Social bookmarking

There are many social bookmarkers like delicious or diigo. The points of using them instead of the browser bookmarking are that you can have the bookmarks available in other computers and you can share the bookmarks with other people. You can also take advantage of the other bookmarks done by other users thanks to sharing and lists. It's important to know that the social bookmarking could be more powerful than the use of a search engine because the act of bookmarking done by a large number of people makes a site more relevant.

Diigo is a powerful tool to do so. With this tool is possible to create groups for sharing bookmarks, add tags to the links and create different lists.


Blogs in education are nowadays usual. Every school has at least one. The aim is usually to give information about the school, classroom activities, festivals and so on. Sometimes the blog is more or less the school webpage and children don't participate actively in their posts.

The use of blogging in education could be useful in order to improve many activities and gives a new motivating point in children. So, blogs are useful in order of encouraging writing, making learning journals, increasing the sense of community in class and so on.

Tools for creating educational blogs

As other online tools, the problem we have is that every online resource requires signing up and with it an age restriction, so children under an specific age can't legally sign up. In case of blogging, there are some special blog platforms for education so children can have a personal blog. It is also managed by both teacher and parents in order to avoid or solve undesired situations.

Kidblog.org is one of the possible platforms to do so.

Creating images, wordclouds and posters

It's time to create more content in a easier and funnier way. And, of course, it must be interesting and attractive. Web 2.0 tools allow us to manipulate pictures and create other ones. There are tools that are similar to a online Photoshop and others that are useful for basic and easy manipulation with different filters.

Wordclouds are pictures made of different size words. The wordclouds are useful for the tagging because the bigger size means the bigger relevance. But wordclouds are also nice and we can create them with the words that are important for us at the present moment.

We all have made a poster in the classroom with papers, scissors, glue and cards. Now we can do an online poster without the mess of chopped papers or sticky tables. We can use GlogsterEdu to create posters easily. We can embed sounds, videos or pictures and place them wherever we want.


Podcasts are a content of audio or video episodes that are downloadable through the web  or web syndication. It's possible to create our own podcasts with the contents or stories we want and upload them to an online service that hosts our media.

When we want to create a podcast with news or stories we have prepared before, we need some tools to record our voices. We can use computer programs like Audacity or mobile phones. Then, after checking the record, we can  upload it to sites like Soundcloud or Goear. With these sites people can be subscribed to our content, so when we finish uploading content they will receive our podcasts.

Video in education

Nowadays the use of video in education is very usual for everything. Videos grab pupils' attention so this is an important motivational point. We can watch and study them or we can create our own videos.

There are some online tools to create collaborative videos like WeVideo. We can also create some videos with a cartoon style with PowToon or Zimmer Twins. The use of them are quite simple and then it's possible to share the video.

Web tools summary

Online image editors

http://www.pixlr.com - A kind of Photoshop/GIMP

http://www.cutmypic.com/ - Basic image filters and customization

http://www.fotor.com/ - Create collages with photos

http://photofunia.com/ - Create photos with effects, frames, filters, etc.

http://pinstamatic.com/ - Eina per fer contingut per a Pinterest.

http://www.fotobabble.com/ - Eina posar veus a les imatges.

Videos from images




Video creation

http://www.wevideo.com/ - Collaborative video creation

http://www.powtoon.com/ - Cartoon video creation

http://www.zimmertwins.com/ - Cartoon video creation

Word cloud generators

http://www.wordle.net/ - Simple wordclouds.

http://tagul.com/ - With diferent shapes


http://popplet.com/ - To create schemas, organize ideas, etc.

English video lessons




Various links to related pages



Final conclusions

With this course I've discovered a lot of online tools and I've also noticed the importance of using them. For example, creating new content and sharing it makes us visible to the rest of the community and helps us with our job. This is the case of the social bookmarking which is really useful for sharing our links but also for knowing other interesting websites that we may not find easily, except with the collaboration of other people with similar interests.

Online tools are usually very easy to use and sometimes even easier than desktop tools. The online environment is simplier than the desktop but this simplicity is enough to create an impressive job.

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