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My Life

My name's Jia jia zhang (张佳佳). I come from Beijing, China. I live in Thunder Bay, Canada and study in Confederation College now. I worked in the bank. I gave up the bank work for come to Canada to study. I usually like to listen to music when walking. And I like to watch movies when cooking. I like live in Canada because I met a lot of new friends and teachers. They are very kind and friendly.

My future goals: first, study English, but I feel I always didn't progress. I need to study harder. Then, I have to a company in Canada. My Company should operate about international trade. I think I will achieve my goal.:)

Her name is Deng Li Jun. She is a famous singer in Taiwan Chinese. This is my favorite song and singer. Her voice is very gentleJ

My favorite movie is AVATAR!

My dogs! They're very lovely! My parents and I love them. They gave my family a lot of fun.

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