Of the popular PC and console game version of FIFA 14 for Xbox One wanted $ 5 shocked that EA gamers. eau description of the event from a different point of the vehicle. FIFA 14 Xbox One Coins

The world's most popular football game FIFA series, a new generation of Xbox One version of the game was confusing users. The demo version (trial version is usually distributed free of charge) to console users who want to download EA's 4.99 dollar fee requested could not believe his eyes when he saw.

EA to complain about the rain, while maintaining the game makers were delays from the description. Systemic due to a fault pointed out that such an incident happened EA officials, they noticed on the status of complaints and said they needed to intervene.

However, it is a system failure to realize that some gamers to see the demo version, has paid the price. The following questions in mind: EA technical problems connecting to this release the money after the incident, which already will refund their money? So this issue now prefers to maintain silence. Here's EA's FIFA 14 for the trial version of the screen where you want $ 4.99 read more: FIFA 14 Coins