Okinawa is located near Japan.  Okinawa has very healthy people that live for a very long time.  Okinawans use electricity that is safe.

Okinawans eat organic vegetables and meat. They also drink very clean water that is  from ponds, lakes, wells. They live in a healthy environment.  Most industrialized locations are not as healthy as Okinawa.

How People Stay Healthy In Okiwana


Even Okinawa's animals are healthy because their feed has not been corrupted by gmo.  Their whole environment is clean because they don't build houses unless they need too. Even the kids are healthy because they eat organic types of food such as coconuts,pineapples,bananas, and more.

What Okinawa Has

Okinawa has electricity. However,  the buildings are very old. Okinawans use thermal power plants. So if it matulfunctions  it won't do as much damage as a nuclear power plant.

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