The Titanic

The Titanic, one of the mot luxurious and expensive ocean liners of this time, symbolized the industrial age of the United States. In addition, it was a symbol of British power. The fame of this ship before the maiden voyage was nothing in comparison to the fame, or better yet: infamy, that came in the aftermath.

At this time in history, the social division that divided everyday life began to change. Those that survived the sinking of the Titanic came together to not only share their experience on the ship, but also their experience in the modern day world. This revealed the divides between the social classes at the time, and even began a social movement campaigning against making the men remain on the boat until all the women and children were in lifeboats. Today, it is suspected that the lower class passengers were never supposed to survive and very few of them did make it into a life raft and even fewer made it back to the United States.

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

The Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK, are the oldest white supremacist group in United States history. The popularity of this supremacist group began to rise in the aftermath of the Civil War with the Klan's reign of terror including beatings, murder, and overall terrorism. Because the KKK is a white supremacist (male supremacist as well), it had a profound effect on the treatment of both African Americans and women.

War Bonds

As anyone would suspect, wars are extremely long and pricey. In order to help to pay the for a war, a country would ask its citizen to buy war bonds in order to support the war effort. Oftentimes, war bonds were marketed as a responsibility for all Americans to take on to help do their duty for the country. In addition to this, they were also marketed as an investment in the country.