By: Hannah Sterriker

Anna and Olaf

Here are some charactars from Frozen. The snowman is Olaf and the girl is Anna.Olaf is really funny. He always dreams of summer,but he does not know that in the sun he will melt.Anna gets struck in the head by her sister in the beginning.She remembers the memories, but does not remember her sister's power.

Here are some more pictures of Olaf,Anna,and Elsa.Elsa is the sister.

Here are some other characters.One of these characters is Kristoff.He has a crush on Anna.Anna mets him at a store in the mountains.Another character is Sven. He is Kristoff's reindeer.When he mets Olaf he tries to eat his nose.The last character is Hans.Anna was so anxious to have a husband because she has not been able to get one.Hans turned on her.Anna was sick and needed warmth and Hans turned out the fire out when she needed it.

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