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What are some examples of evidence that proves natural selection along with evolution?

Natural Selection: process by which organisms that are most suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully; aka the survival of the fittest

Evolution: change over time; the process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms

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3 years ago

Fossil Evidence:

Fossil helps as evidence in Natural Selection. This can be done when researchers compare ancient fossils in comparison to present day animals. By doing this they can see the change in bone structure and how the animals looks have changed over the years.

3 years ago

DNA Evidence:

DNA can be used as evidence to help understand Natural Selection. This is done when scientists take a sample of an ancient animal and bring up its genetic code in the computer. Scientists can then exam some DNA from a present day animals. By doing this comparison, scientists are able to see how we have changed genetically.

3 years ago

Homologous/Analogous Structures:

Homologous Structures are similar in different species of an common ancestry.

Analogous Structures are body parts that share a common function but not structure.

When comparing fossils scientists look at whether or not the organism has homologous or analogous structural differences.