Top Ten 7th Grade Moments

By: Dana Kleinman

My 7th grade 2014-15 year was very memorable and will never be forgotten.  I have made new friends and became better friends. Some of my favorite moments have been...

Cleveland Indians Games

You will never meet bigger Cleveland Indians fans than my dad and I. My dad decided to split and ninety game package of season tickets with two of his good friends. This year, we get to go to over thirty games. My dad and I have a blast when we go to the games. We usually get their early to watch the batting practice of both the Indians and their opponent. Most likely, we will bring our own food and wear the same shirts. Over the past three years up until today, I have gone to thirty-two games, gotten four foul balls, and one ball signed by David Ortiz of the Red Sox. We love going to the games and cheering on the home team.

New York Trip

In March of 2015, my cousin who lives in New York was having her Bat Mitzvah. It was the first time since we were three years old that we would see each other. We drove down on Friday, so I had to miss school. I went with my mom, aunt, and grandma. There was a bad snowstorm in Pennsylvania on the way down, so it delayed us from getting in early. Due to the time of our arrival, we missed her prayer at temple Friday night. All my family from different cities came in and on Saturday, we had the Bat Mitzvah and party.

Tennis Tournaments

I have been playing tennis since I was seven years old, which is six years. I had done multiple tournaments throughout the first couple months of 2015. My friends, Maya, Meri, and Morgan did them with me. Meri and I did an all girls tournament in April. The first match I played was against a ranked player from Michigan. I won both sets 6-0. I got to go on to my next match and i lost both sets 4-6. I have a blast playing tennis and I hope to continue in high school and college.

My Parents 15th Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Reds

My parents got married on January 22, 2000, which means it was their 15th wedding anniversary in January of 2015. We went to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Reds Steakhouse. For dinner, I had steak and mashed potatoes. My grandma and dad also had the same thing as me. My mom had shrimp, mashed potatoes, and sauteed spinach. We were all very full by the end of dinner. My grandma surprised my parents and ordered donuts before we got to the restaurant. On the plate, it said Happy 15th Anniversary. The writing was written in chocolate.

Hilton Head Trip

In early August of 2014, my family went to Hilton Head Island, South Caroline. We went with my cousins who own a condo there. We stayed for a week to celebrate Kaleb's birthday and my birthday. We had so much fun and everything was in walking distance. I got stung by jellyfish twice, I learned how to boogie board, and we went to Savannah, Georgia for the day.

My Birthday

My birthday was on August 14th and I was turning 12. For my 12th birthday, we went to Cedar Point. I was allowed to take one friend, so I took Ashleigh Burke. My parents bought us the fast lane passes so we could go right to the front of the line. We rode the Top Thrill Dragster, but it was not scary for me because it was my third time on that ride. For dinner, we went to Famous Dave's, which is a barbecue restaurant. We had an amazing time at Cedar Point for my birthday.

Going to the Farm park for Halloween with my cousins

For Halloween 2014, my baby cousins and I went to to farm park for a spooky hayride. My cousins are Jake and Ben. Jake is three years old and Ben one year old. They were very scared during the hayride, but it was very fun. We had a huge bag of kettle corn and my cousins fell asleep on the hayride. When they woke up, Jake was singing Let It Go for a few minutes.

My Cousin's Wedding

In November of 2015, my cousin, Jackie got married. She looked so pretty in her dress, but my dad was in a mood. He went on his compass app on his phone and the huppah has to be facing east, but it was facing West. After the ceremony, we went to go eat and I was the last to get food because I had to have gluten free, but they forgot to make mine. For dessert, we had chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream.

Seeing my Cousins

My cousin's live in Youngstown, Ohio, so we got to see them in September after a few months. My cousin Kaleb is six days older than me, so we get along pretty well. He has two younger siblings also. Connor is eight and Emily is four. We love to spend time with each other and we are very competitive. We went to Zip City, Science Center, and Kalahari.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony was for students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th in Kenston Middle School.It was my second year going to the awards night. This year, my goal was to get a 4.0 for the first three quarters. I got a 4.0 the first and third quarter, but the second quarter, I had all A's and one B+.

My Award

Celebrating my Cat's 1st Birthday

Our cat, Willow was turning one years old. We got her in September of 2013. They assumed her birthday was in August because she was found under a woodpile and behind a bush in our vet's yard. We named her Willow because she had a W on her forehead. My friend, Maddy Journey, wanted us to name her Maddy or Momo because she wanted Willow named after her. Also, Maddy thought it was a M on her forehead instead of a W.

Blossom Time

On Saturday May 23, My mom took my friend, Meri and I to Blossom. We got the bracelets so we could go on all the rides. We went on a few rides, and then I got a henna tattoo. We got hungry, so we walked over to Yours Truly and ate. Meri and I had notso fries and then we went back to blossom. We went on a few more rides and then went home. we had so much fun at blossom.

HELA Moments

Outsiders' Day

In October of 2015, the seventh grade classes at Kenston Middle School read The Outsiders' by SE Hinton. The book is about a group of boys that act like brothers and a coed group of proper kids rebelling against each other. The two groups are called Socs, which is short for socials, and Greasers. We had the chance to dress up as a Soc or a Greaser and play different games. I dressed up as a Greaser, along with many other kids. Also, there were many people dressed as socs. The Language Arts teachers had games planned for us.

My Outfit(Greaser)

Trial of Grace Belden

In language arts, we were reading the novel, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Mr. Kowalski made us sign a contract to make sure we do not look ahead or spoil the book. Grace Belden was accused of saying the murderer's name out loud and lifting the sticky not. Elisa Costa, Savannah Brownfield, and I were the defendants defending Grace. The funny part about this trial was Grace was not present during this time.

Rusty RUins Museum Exhibit

We read the novel, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Uglies is the first book of a four book series. One of the settings in the novel was the Rusty Ruins. All of the objects in the Rusty Ruins were back in the time of the Rusties. Our class brought in everyday objects that we use on a daily bases. I brought in a toothbrush and others brought things, such as toothpaste, blankets, pillows, etc. We decorated a section of Mr. Kowalski's classroom with our objects and had three groups to help decorate. There were the builders, artists, and historians. I was an artist and we got to make posters and signs to decorate the exhibit.

Radio Dramas

In the second quarter of this school year, our unit was fear. We were learning about different types of fear and phobias people have. We listened to a famous radio drama by Orson Welles called War of the Worlds. Our job was to create our own radio drama with requirements for literary devices. We were with a group to do these. My group was Elisa Costa, Taylor Ashby, Savannah Brownfield, and me.

Orson Welles during the production of War of the Worlds.

Core Class

A-Z Social Studies Project

In social studies, we were each assigned a letter and had to pick a topic on Roman history that started with that letter we were assigned. I was assigned the letter P, so I did my project on The Punic Wars. I got a sixty-nine out of seventy, which is an A. The project was very fun to do and i had already done my outline since it was for homework one night. This helped me with my project because it was one less thing to do.

Design Your Own Planet Project

In science, our assignment was to create a planet of our own. We had a sheet with questions on our planet. You were allowed to work with a partner or by yourself. My partner was Elisa Costa and our planet's name was Dlistonium. It's made of sweets.

7th Grade Camp

In May of 2015, we went to a camp called Camp Mowana and it was located in Mansfield Mowana. Each group was assigned a counsler and a cabin. The cabin my group was in was Tecumseh. The members of my group were Savannah Brownfield, Shelby Brownfield, Lydia Obman, Hailey Vargo, Amy Kotara, Chloe Thomas, Mckinley Henry, Leah Fine, and Mary O'neill. Our counselor's name is Jen Smith. We had a blast and become very close. Many memories were made on the trip and I do not want to forget them. We even have our own song, See You Again by Whiz Khalifa.

A La Carte

Classes with Friends

This year would not have been as great as it was if it was not for my friends. I had so many classes this year with my friends and that has helped make my classes fun. Most of these pictures represent our friendship!


You have goals in life and you set out to reach them, but if you dwell on the past, it is harder to achieve them.

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