Commercial Design

Commercial design is concerned with the planning, designing and manufacturing of new consumer products using the disciplines of art and engineering. And commercial designers are also commonly known as industrial designers and the profession can provide a rewarding and well-paid career for those that choose to enter it.

Areas of Commercial Design
Commercial design covers different kinds of areas of industry and while some designers will focus on one particular area, others may offer a broader service, including the design of different products. More specialized areas can include automobile design, where a designer concentrates on the design aspects of cars or motorcycles, or technology, where the designer works on modern technological devices. More broad brush areas can include household goods and children’s products. However, consumer products cover all aspects of life these days and a commercial designer can choose many different areas of work.

Jobs of Commercial Design
There are two main categories of commercial design Singapore jobs. Many large manufacturing corporations will build their own commercial design team which plans and designs products for the company. Apple Inc. is an example of this, and there are many other companies choose this route. The second job opportunity lies with industrial design firms, such as Karten Design. These are typically smaller companies that hire a team of commercial designers and offer their services to large manufacturing firms to assist them in the planning and design of products.

Training Required for the Commercial Design Industry
Those that want to enter the commercial design industry will need to get the required training. The minimum entry level job requirement is a bachelor’s degree and many colleges and design schools offer degree courses in commercial design. This is the most common route into the profession, although those that study architecture and other engineering disciplines may also consider a career in industrial design once they have finished their studies. For students that choose a commercial design course, those accredited by the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design are generally the best option and offer the greatest chance of landing a job in the profession.

Duties of Commercial Designers
Commercial and industrial designers can perform a number of duties during the course of their work. They can be involved in generating and screening ideas to find a product to design. They will have responsibility for the creative work of designing the look and features of a product and can also be required to undertake market research to determine the customer requirements for a product and the likelihood of its success. While they need the ability to sketch well, commercial designers must also have an understanding of computer aided design, as this is almost universally used during the design process. Commercial designers must also have an understanding of market testing and analyzing a product, as they may have involvement in the production of a market development strategy.

Commercial design is responsible for the consumer products that line the shelves in retailers. A designer will generally have responsibility or input to all stages of product design from initial planning to final marketing and this can make it an interesting career for those that enter the profession.