Rasheed Sulaimon at center of sexual investigation

Article by: Emma Baccellieri & Nick Martin

Website: http://www.dukechronicle.com/articles/2015/03/02/...

Who does this involve? Rasheed Sulaimon  Who/what does this impact? - it impacts maybe his future of playing in the NBA and his fans he has gained while playing at the university of Duke.

Summary: In this article it talks about how Rasheed Sulaimon was a standout basketball player at Duke. Rasheed Sulaimon was kicked off the Duke basketball team a couple of weeks ago. After his dismissal from the team there was a report that rasheed sulaimon was involved in a sexual assault. The report dated back to about a year before his dismissal from the team. The head coach of Duke university said that these allegations had nothing to do with this dismissal. The coach said that he was dismissed because he was failing to meet the expectations of a basketball player.  People close to the situation said that the school officials actually knew about these allegations at the time that they happened. There has been two allegations so far but as of right now there has been no criminal charges.  Rasheed Sulaimon has declined comment so far on this situation.

My Opinion: I don't think this is right. He jeopardized his career and possibly hurt somebody

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