The Yamato Clan  controlled much of Honshu by 500 AD. Later, other clans began to control the Yamato clan. Prince Shotoku was there main leader. He helped spread Buddhism in Japan. Chinese Culture started becoming known in Japan.

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This picture is of Prince Shotoku.

The Heian Period

Kyoto is the name for "Heian" now. Where the map is directing to Kyoto, is where the Heian Period took place.

The capital Heian is now called Kyoto. Heian is where Japanese culture became big. The nobles lived in very nice palaces and elegance was a huge part of the culture. There were many rules of etiquette, and women all wore pretty much the same thing. Lots of people started to write poetry. In the video below, watch until you get 45 seconds in.

The outfits are made of 12 layers with many colors.


The Yamato Clan and The Heian Period

The Yamato Clan