Who am I?

My name is Mary Olson, and I'm from New York. I'm a nurse for the union soldiers, I like to protect and help the soldiers if they are ill because I hope the union wins so slavery will discontinue. Back home I am a mother of 11 kids, 6 girls and,5 boys.  Me and my husband home school them and teach them all their important lessons. I am used to nursing them and I am very caring with them. I want them too be safe and live in an equal world without slavery.

Civil war slang

Marcus- Man harleen I am whipped from the days work

Harleen- Yeah I am too, my bread basket is hungry

Marcus- So much happened but you know what I am going to do now

Harleen- What?

Marcus- get wallpapered , with some of that joy juice we got in the kitchen counter

Harleen- Okay, I’ll get me some bark juice

Marcus- Please got some for me too

Harleen- ok be right back one second

Marcus- BULLY,

Harleen-Should I also grab a root?

Marcus- Yeah and get me all of the hornets that I have I want to shoot some gray backs

Harleen- Okay

Marcus- Get me some goobers to

Marcus- I am just bluffing

Harleen- You better be

Marcus- Oh no the popo is at that the door I got to skitdaddle, you know how

Harllen- But wait you didn’t finish your joy juice

Marcus-It's okay I have some more in my pocket

Harleen- This is the second time this week this happened.


Dear kids,

Camp life is very tough for the soldiers. They have to do drills every single day they do more and more and more drills. The camp is not the nicest place to live. Everything is messy and unorganized. But wait until you here about the punishments. The worst punishment is known as "bucking and gagging." They have to sit in a very uncomfortable position with a stick in their mouth which makes them gag.

Your message...

Coming back home felt really good!

Jeremiah, when you choose too stay behind with your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

Well, I really wanted to care for my mom and make sure she would be safe, without my dad or brother she had no one with her, she would live all alone and I wanted to care for her. If I had left she would of died alone, without me.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

I am proud that I helped my mom, like I said, she would be lonely without me. She would of died with no one by her side, with no one to be able to care for her.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
I wish my brother never left. I wish it was me who left first. My brother could be dead or alive right now, he could be lost or he could be completely safe. I hope too find him soon.

Jeremiah, do you want to find your brother?Yes, I will never stop looking for him to find out how he is doing. I hope he's OK, no mission is too hard or big for me, I will go through everything just to find him

Camp life is hard, but I like having free time. When the soldiers have free time I do too since no one is getting hurt. To pass my free time I love listening to music. Sometimes we even all sing along to fun songs. Music makes me feel happy and better.
However some bad food has the soldiers running to me, but sometimes there's nothing I can do too save them.My favorite meal here is the desiccated vegetables. aka the "baled Haley"The recipe needs beans,onions, turnips, carrots, beets and bland cakes, roots, stalks and leaves You press them into hard bland cakes. For extra you can try to make it into soup: All you have to do is add water to the cakes and voila! It looks like a dirty brook with all the dead leaves floating around!

LIFE AS A NURSE ( to the tune of let it go)
The war goes on as i'm watching tonight, so much violence to be seen
war against slavery and it looks like, i'm the nurse
The soldiers are being hurt as fast as I can see
All of them lining up o be taken care of
Make sure they heal
Make sure their fine
Be the good nurse you always have to be
Protect, don't give up!!
Life as a nurse, as a nurse I help soldiers be fine
life as a nurse, a nurse never give up on them

These days are getting so hard for me. So many soldiers are getting hurt and getting diseases and all kinds of illnesses. I only have twenty thermometers to use and its not enough. A lot of men are getting diarrhea. Some died from typhoid fever, lung inflammation, and dysentery. There are so many sick men that its almost impossible too take care of all of them.

Dear journal, I'm finally home, everything is as safe as normal, my kids are so grown up now and it feels like I haven't been with them for forever. My possums must be missing me, I will have to catch up with them later but my kids and family is the most important to catch up with. Anyways I am so happy to be home, it has been 3 years and now everything is better. I am so excited to start this new life. I am very proud that I helped the soldiers through the war. They are so brave and fearless, as much as they are hurting, they make sure they stay strong.

Music is my favorite way to spend my free time