Hey! Do you Want to know what our my habits? no problem I gonna tell a story what i wants, favorites and hobbies. Actually I have many interest in my life. Like, I love playing table tennis because for me it is so very fun and I really enjoy to play that kind of sports because for me in these sports I can do better than the ball games. But that's not mean I'm weak in other sports okay? So don't make it wrong. By the way I gonna share to you my high school days in table tennis, I admit in my first day in table tennis,for me it is so hard because I'm just a newbie so I'm afraid for what I gonna do. But I realize that, it's wrong because other people said "Try and Try until you succeed". In these quotes it's proves that don't be negative, just believe in yourself and you can do better in unexpected way. So that's the start of my career in table tennis so every battle, I do my best not only to won but also to show them that I can do better than they think. When I'm in our practice  I try and try and try to upgrade myself because just what I said before I really love playing table tennis and it's so very fun and it relieve my stressed in academics ahahahaha :D. Oh! By the way I for got to say that I hate our coach in table tennis when I was in high school because he's not teaching me good and he has a favoritism, he like to teach the boys always so I hate him he's gay! :3 ahahaha :D. But don't make it wrong guys, I'm not a bad girl I just asking the truth, ahahhaha :D. By the way let's go back to my hobbies, Ahm.... I don't know what I gonna say. Just to know that I really really love to play Table Tennis.

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