Ecology is the study of organisms and the way they interact with each other and the environment that sustains them.

Why Study Ecology?

  • To explain life processes and adaptations
  • To explain the development of ecological succession
  • To explain the movement of energy and resources through the ecosystem
  • To explain the distribution of diverse life through an environment

Where is it Studied?

Ecology is studied anywhere on the planet that an ecosystem exists with organisms interacting with each other or with their environment, so almost entirely anywhere.

Education Needed

To be an ecologist you must have at least a bachelor's or master's degree, to get further in the field normally requires a Ph.D. And the title you receive for practicing this field is Ecologist. They are normally employed in colleges and universities to help teach and lecture about ecology, but others conduct research out in the field.

Edward Ricketts

A famous writer, marine biologist, and ecologist he is most known for his books of the ocean and being one of the first to study intertidal organisms.


A researcher in this field can impact society by finding the best times to plant crops, finding a species impact on the environment, and showing how we impact the natural ecosystem as well.

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