The Crusades
By: AJ & Mad

The Crusades were a series of holy wars called by popes.

In the first crusade, Christians waged a war and poised an agreement with Muslims residing in Jerusalem in attempts to reclaim the holy land

1095, armies of Christians go to war with Muslims as by the word of the pope.
The army was composed of mostly peasants

1099- The Christian army seizes control of Jerusalem, but only briefly. In 1187, it was recaptured by the Muslims.

In 1114, the second crusade was proclaimed. In this crusade, the Muslim Turks took Edessa. It was not a significant military feat.

In 1187, there was a response to the fall of Jerusalem. This was recognized as the third crusade. In this crusade, history was introduced to King Richard the Lion Hearted of England. In this crusade, they took the city of Acre. King Richard negotiated an agreement with Sultan Saladin to allow Christians to go in pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

In 1204, the fourth crusade was initiated. Instead of the crusaders reaching the Holy Land to fight Muslims, they sacked the Christian city of Constantinople which was the seat of the Christian Byzantine Empire.It was formed into the Latin Empire of Constantinople until 1261 when the Byzantine Empire was reestablished.

In 1219, the fifth crusade attacked Egypt, only managing to take the port of Damietta- which was later recaptured by the Arabs

The Sixth and Seventh crusade were led by King Louis IX of France (St. Louis), and essentially had practically no results. These occurred in 1248 and 1270.


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