Wolves are a member of the dog family. They eat moose,rabbit,and other creatures. There are many different kinds of wolves. The gray wolf,the Ethiopian Wolf,the Himalayan Wolf, the Mexican wolf, and the red wolf etc. Gray wolves are biggest wolves in the world. Some wolves are white or black. The closest breed of dog related to the wolf are huskies. Wolves have been on tv and movies like White Fang ,Twilight series, and books like The Wolves of the Beyond. Also wolves are even played in games like Okami and Wolfquest. There very popular as werewolves. Wolves are dangerous and can cause death or injury if near one, unless it's tamed. Wolves can't be pets because they are wild. Sometimes you get to see wolves at the zoo. They like to howl at a full moon at night. They howl so that they can find there way back to the pack. A pack is another phrase for groups. A pack can be any size. There is only one alpha male and female in a pack. Baby wolves are called pups. Wolves live in a den. A den is kind of like a house or a cave for a wild animal to live in. Wolves mostly live around the world. Some wolves are endangered. Wolves even survived the old and new stone ages.