The Gardener by S.A. Bodden

Adilene Lozano

my prediction about the book is-  I think the man is going to grow out  the ground and is about scary and mystery.

Evolution:is change in heritable traits of biological populations over successive generation ans is important because is for the climate changes.

Autotroph:is anorganism that produces compley organic compounds from simple gubstances generally using energy from light oringanic chamical is bacause they don't have water.

Heterotroph:is anorganism that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth is for the plant can be stay pretty.

Photosynthesis:the process of converling light energy to chemical energy and storing in the bounds of sugar is important because the plant can't found.

- is the father the gardener? yes is the dad

-is masons dad plant? yes

The Karner Blue is a bulterfly and lives in the wild lupine and the problem is lossing it's habitat and expanding to different kinds of plants.

The Karner Bllue is important in the book because is a symbol of authotroph.

The principles states that we should make decisions about how we vine today based on how our decision will impact.this have to do with the gardener by people not caring about their decision.

connecting climate change with the food crisis is like when the people work and the land you cant look how fruits and the vegetables doing but the climate need stay like good like summer or thin gs like this maybe because if the climate is ugly like could or other climate no good your never cant have a good food or the land is what i think.

summarize - well believe it or not it was once called once the amazon rain forest. cut them down with brutal machines. Im sorry that we put profit over people greed over need the rule of goal above the golden rule.who are forced to weat pollution mask just to go to school.

common themes-

- Dear future generations:sorry we dint know what we have until it was gone and you don't know much about trees do you?

-Dear future generations : sorry we left you our mess of planet.

-solomo created the green house because he canted to save the human people dint  7 things.

the settings of the history is like the doors and the walls is white and their is really alone.

i thinks human experimentation is a bad idea because what if something went wrong and then they kill them. they should try on animals

climate change- a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. the problem is the people no have food because the climate change and the plants and vegetables died.

  food crisis- from chronic hunger, although food crisis are far more likely among populations already suffering from prolonged hunger and malnutrition. The probelm is  the people no cant eat because they dont have thingd to ddo food.

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