Hard, Rare, Strong, Beautiful, Tungsten is the total package!

Why take tungsten on your next voyage?
I'll tell you!

Tungsten is an amazing rare, beautiful, strong element which is good for any voyage. You can fight of enemies without it breaking! If you meet that special someone you can melt it down at 10,030°F and make wedding rings! You can light up any world with tungsten! Tungsten is a metal that can be made into light bulbs. Tungsten is marvelous It shines and it's just beautiful! Saying no to tungsten is like saying no to money, beauty, strength, and amazingness! Tungsten is a MUST need!

For biological need sadly tungsten gets a zero... BUT for every thing else it gets five stars! For social need you can trad it! It's again so strong and rare that people want it so much! For functional need you can build a house! You can build a strong a sturdy house!  Now for defensive need make a sword so strong! TUNGSTEN IS A MUST NEED ELEMENT! And as always in group 6, period 6.

Now Enjoy Some Lovely Pictures Of Tungsten!

By: Gillian Cohen

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