Who Needs a Mitzvah Project?

Www.themitzvahbowl.com is a resource dedicated to helping bar/bat mitzvah students find the perfect mitzvah project.  On the road to a bar/bat mitzvah, students typically are required to perform good deeds in a variety of ways, with the culmination of a larger mitzvah project.  By classifying mitzvah projects by  interests, it gives an easy search for students who are not sure about what type of community service they want to explore.

Informative articles about bar/bat mitzvah projects, planning and Jewish themes are featured on themitzvahbowl.com's blog.  For unique inspiration after searching our site's database, visit www.themitzvahbowl.com/more-ideas. Don't forget to submit your mitzvah project to us at info@themitzvahbowl.com as we enjoy highlighting what other students have done around the country.

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Cheryl Friedenberg, President, The Mitzvah Bowl LLC, info@themitzvahbowl.com

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