Great Gatsby Dead!

This photo above was taken right after Jay Gatsby was shot

On August 23, 1924 Jay Gatsby, the well known New York party giver, was found dead by his poolside late afternoon. George Wilson, Husband of Myrtle Wilson, was also found dead by the pool. Suspecters say that George took his own life after taking Mr. Jay Gatsby's life.

George Wilson's wife Myrtle was was suspected to be Gatsby's mistress. Myrtle was also killed a day before Gatsby's shocking death. Eyewitnesses say "She ran out ina road. Son-of-a b**ch didn't even stopus car." witnesses seem to think the car was owned by Mr. Jay Gatsby, eyewitnesses say "It was a yellow car, big yellow car." Gatsby is known for owning a yellow car.George Wilson struggled with the concept that his wife was dead. The last time George was seen he was walking the streets "acting sort of crazy" and was looking for who killed Myrtle from what Michaelis says Wilson said he "had a way of finding out."

Jay Gatsby had told everyone he had no family, but when we interviewed his good friend Nick Carraway he let us know that Jay was survived by his father Henry C. Gatz.

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