My Summer Vacation MIles C.

My summer vacation was great, I went to a lot of places like Seattle, Zion National Park, and went camping, and last also hangout with friends. First, when our family went to Zion, we went rappelling.  We also went on hikes like in the video about Angels Landing. Back at our vacation house, we also rode ATVs. When my family went to Seattle, I had a soccer tournament called The Crossfire Challenge. Later that weekend me, my family and my soccer team went to a Sounders game against Tottenham an english team. This has been one of my greatest summers ever.

A carved rock in Arches National Park

Me in Crossfire Challenge tournament

A great place to eat in downtown Seattle

A man hiking the Angels landing Trail in ZIon National Park.

A man hiking the Angels Landing Trail.

GO GERMANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #KETTNER #Tech2

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The Most awesome TACKK ever!!!