List Of My Tribes

Tribe of friends

Tribe of families

Tribe of cousins

Tribe of nieces and nephew

Tribe of troublemakers

Tribe of readers

Tribe of teenage girls

Tribe aunts and uncles

Tribe of weird sisters

Tribe of siblings

Tribe of candy grabber

Two paragraphs

Tribe of candy grabbers

Whenever my aunties buy candies for everyone to have. The kids, niece, nephew, younger cousin will be going up to them and grab whatever they can get. The older will just get whatever is left for them. Sometime I'm a candy grabber too. Only when it something that I love.

Tribe of troublemakers

My cousins, sisters, and I would go out and have fun. Just to pass time. We'll go to the park and play games. Go out for a walk, for a couple miles. Ride our bike to the water park. Mess with our younger cousin or niece and nephew.