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Have you ever heard about NGOs? In fact, they are non-governmental organization whom first goal isn't profit, but it's to help people. Did you know that in the United States on a population of 317.6 million of people 1.2 of them are living with HIV? Luckily, the United States also have the biggest NGO which is called Aids Healthcare Foundation.

They are based in Los Angeles and they help in 28 different countries in the world. As a matter fact, they have global programs in Africa, Europe, Asia and Americas. They actually get to help people with donations of partners and people. Their services are way more than only healthcare, in fact, it extends to pharmacies, researches and prevention. As an example, in United States, they are able to offer healthcare for uninsured people, because even in big countries some people need help. They have also lead researches to help improve the people’s quality of live who suffer of both HIV and AIDS. They also help to prevent the propagation by distributing condoms (which are the best way to avoid the propagation) and giving free HIV tests so that people can know either they are affected or not. Furthermore, they also finance huge campaigns to raise young people’s awareness and start their own. Aids Healthcare Foundation is actually having some media campaigns by being really active on Twitter and Facebook. Their social feed is refreshed with news from all around to world about AIDS and HIV and the website is full of resources so people can get to be aware such as HIV test online and what to do if you find out you are tested positive.

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