2nd Period:  Maya B, Kwame B, Lakeisha C, Marche S.

Title: Garfield Park

Caption: This is the view of Garfield Park from my commute to school. I take the green line everyday. This is one of the only places on my side of town not torn down, damaged, or abandoned. Established in 1906, Garfield Park is a place that you can go to when you visit the west side of Chicago.

Title: New Life

Caption: This is a picture of a new born baby named Romell. Born prematurely on Sept. 20, 2014. He is a sense of happiness, new life, and joy.

Tittle: Babies Chilling

Caption: Here you see babies and kids at the playground on Fulton and St. Louis. You see how kids and babies act outside of their homes; either they're being wild, just having fun, doing what kids do ,or just looking around because they aren't old enough to go run around and play.

Title: Brother and Cousin School

My little brother and cousin are both leaving school and going home. This is Tilton Elementary School which is 100 Years old.

Stay Together

This is a picture taken by Deleano Park me and my boyfriend walking down Adams Holding each other up from the day we just had.

The Trip To School

Here Is me walking to school on Washington and Central Park every day. Walking about 10 to 13 blocks to get to Al Raby High School on time.

Title: Al Raby Students

Caption: In this photo you will see students of Al Raby H.S. sleeping, talking and being off task. This is Mr. Geesaman's 2nd pd. class. Some students are on task, while others aren't. This is what usually happens in class for a neighborhood like mine. The students typically don't care about what goes on in the class, during class.

Title: Summer Camp and After School

Kids come here after school and interact with other kids. This is also a summer camp which is down the street from a school.

Title: Vacant Lot

Years ago this field use to be a Liquor Store here, and a home. Now there’s nothing here. Before they torn the house down a man name Bob lived in it. My granddad use to go to this liquor store.

Title: Who Cares?

Caption: Here you see two different gardens in two different neighborhoods. The one on the left was taken on an angle in front of UIC Health Center. The one one the right was taken in front of a home on Fulton,and St.Louis, on no angle. In this picture you can identify who cares about their neighborhood and environment and who doesn't.  

This is a picture of me walking down Jackson coming from night school and i came upon a beautiful moon that shine so bright on my neighborhood.

Title: Businesses

Caption: This is a business on Pulaski and Lake. This area is barely used. Many people need jobs that this area do not provide. It is only given to people of other nationalities. Not given to the majority that live in this area, African-Americans.

Tittle: A Little Silliness is Okay

Caption: Inside of Al Raby High school in the drama class you see a young lady being silly acting as if she’s a granny. In school, teenagers act a little silly from time to time just to make learning fun. Education is important ,but if you make it a little fun to teach a lesson the students will understand it a lot better.

This is a picture of my neighborhood in the morning. Just before i left for school their is no activities going on around this time.

Tittle: Typical Monday

Caption: Here we have people in my neighborhood at the laundromat. In my neighborhood people don’t have washing machines and dryers in their homes because of the landlord or the homes aren't big enough. Unlike people in the suburbs who homes are big enough to store the machines.

Tittle: Skills and Love in our Neighborhoods

Caption: Here on Walnut and Homan, across from the Church and Elementary school Beidler, you see people outside enjoying life. Young man out showing young boys and girls their skills and talents by jumping and flipping inside of a rope. Giving love and hope back to the children, to the community not selling any drugs, no gang banging, just fun, fun, and more fun.


Skills and Love in our Neighborhood is giving back to our community and showing that we care and love the people in it. Doing things together or showing children our skills will go a long way; just by showing the inside and outside world of our neighborhood that its not all about gang banging or selling drugs its about using your brain,skills,and talents to get up out of there.


I know my strengths

I know my weaknesses

I know that the truth

Will not always be

Face to face, but it

Will also not always be

The truth

I’m seventeen

I’m seventeen

With a baby

I’m seventeen

I’m seventeen

Who is graduating this year

I know the challenges

The challenges it takes to get there,

To the successful path there is

Denzel, I hear you, Oprah, I hear you

Botti Marciano, I feel you, feel me,

We three, you, me, talk on this page

Well I like to hear about good lawyers

Like Johnnie Cochran

I like to dance, sing, help people

Read, write, sleep, and eat

I guess me being a teenager doesn’t make me not

Like the same things like other people of other ages

So being me will not make me different

Or will it


Theme For English B

To let the page come out of me,

what could that mean?

Do I consume the paper with my mind and

allow my every thought to topple over this paper?

Or do I let go and let my pen, hand, and mind lead me to the paper?

It’s my destination.

The thoughts that I think, they won’t fit on this page.

And my pen, well there isn’t enough ink in the world that will last long enough for my thoughts to be completed on this page.

But, I’ll start formally.


My name is Maya Bonner.

I’m 18, poor, black, and so mentally screwed, that I couldn’t find my way out of a bright room with the doors wide open.

My mother is struggling. And although she’s strong I still worry about her.

Then there’s my daddy. He was murdered, May 17, 2013. He wasn’t perfect, but he was my dad. Perfect enough.

And through the poverty, my parents still gave me a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and so much love, I thought I would suffocate.

They pushed me to always do my best. So, I’m highly intelligent, but my grades shows a child who only attends school for the hell of it.

Belligerent, stubborn, hard-headed, and so focused on the wrong, I became blind to what’s right.

Although I can see it with clear eyes.

And I won’t be graduating my senior year. Only because I chose to be a clown junior year.

My mind was stuck on, “I won’t make it anyways. So who cares if I try? Who cares if I make it out of this rut? Who cares about my grades or school?”

But now I see.

That to have tried, would have been worth my while.

I thought, “I will never succeed or make it any where.”

So, I gave up without a thought or care.

I’m so lost that I began to find my way.

I’ve acknowledged my wealth.

And this page was an acknowledgement to my mind.

I still don’t know what was meant by “let the page come out of me”,

But, I know that this page, is apart of me.

Its My Theme For English B.


Maya Bonner

Marche Shorty

Theme for Chi City

I Live In Chi City

The West As That ,We call Our Windy City ChiRaq,

Can’t Get A Break Because Poverty Is Big Puzzle But It Seems To Fit Well

In Our Community Struggle. People Break Down When Guns Are Shooting, The

Violence Never Stop Nor Does Bullying.

Screaming Out For Help But No One Here You, Here In ChiRaq No One

Gives A F**** About You! I Want A Change, Didn’t Martin Luther King Did Too?

Police Don’t Care So We Scream CPDK Too! How You Serve And Protect But Shoot

With No Proof. Makin Hard Choices Because Our Opportunity Have Been Deducted

Because The Doubt And Wonders Of The Money Structure. It Hard In My City ChiRaq Chicago;

For Mothers, Daughters, Lovers, Fathers And Sons All Have The American Struggle.

It’s a Long Journey for Me, What About You?

In my neighborhood there are liquor stores, fast food restaurants and clothing stores. So yes there would be gang members, police etc., on the street. My neighborhood isn’t bad but not good. I’ve been hearing people got shot outside of others housing on in other areas. Also police has been outside of my house looking for people who maybe rob someone .There is also a church down the street from my house, things aren’t always bad. There is a school down the street from my house so during school time there are polices patrolling around the school. Which keep the gang members away.

Kwame Boyd