Jason Lee, Kurt Shin

Our design in this assignment was kaleidoscope. We used the circle as the lenses. The roses and lemniscate was used in place of the glass and marbles. We used a variety of colors to give the impression of multiple colors.

We experimented mathematically when we were creating the marbles and glasses for our kaleidoscope. We overlapped the graphs in a pattern to create symmetry in the circle. We also had to give it aesthetic flair by making one of the roses add by one, while the other went up by 1.5. We did't experiment as much as we'd like to, but all in all; it was a necessary math project for us to understand how roses and lemniscates work.

While we were completing this assignment, I learned how to use roses more effectively. I learned that cosine roses differ from the sin roses with the location of their starting point. However, they share the same distance between each point when the k, the number before theta, is the same. This project was helpful for us because after we were finished, we strongly grasped the concept of three of the four polar graphs.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot. We learned to properly graph the graphs while making a fun design. We also enjoyed our time working together to make the tackk. It was an enjoyable and educational project for the polar portion of the year.

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