Southeast Asia

Pagan Kingdom, Khmer Empire, Trading Kingdoms, and Vietnam

Pagan Kingdom

The people of the Pagan empire were Buddhists and they had an emperor. The great achievements of the Pagan empire were their Buddhist Temples. The Pagans built thousands of magnificent Buddhist temples all throughout the empire.

The Khmer Empire

The Religion of the Khmer Empire was a mix of mostly Hinduism and Buddhism. The Khmers were also great builders, their most stunning building though was the Angkor Wat. This project took around thirty years for them to build.

Trading Kingdoms

The Trading Kingdoms adopted both Hinduism and Buddhism. They grew in power and dominated the trade. One of the kingdoms that developed was called the Srivijaya Empire. This empire was very wealthy and very powerful because of this. They adopted Mahayana Buddhism and Srivijaya was the center of religion of the area.


The Chinese rulers forced the Vietnamese to adopt the Chinese language and clothing and hairstyles. They gad to wear certain things that China approved of. However, they were not completely under control of the Chinese. When the Chinese rule grew weak, Vietnam would rebel. The leaders of the rebellion of Vietnam was led by two sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi. These sisters failed at the rebellion against the Chinese and drowned themselves.

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