Sonnets first originated in Italy by Giacomo Da Lentini.  Sonnets have 14 lines and is usually in iambic pentameter it is also restricted to a rhyme scheme. Each line is supposed to be 10 syllables long. Sonnets usually deal with love and themes like romance and  love letters- most sonnets set 2 rivaling themes against each other like good vs evil and night vs day. Sonnets usually have to follow the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG scheme.


There are only two possibilities

God the result of imagination
Or God the Lord over all creation
With supernatural abilities

Considering the liabilities
The former, a finite observation
The latter, spirit rejuvenation
With its infinite capabilities

Choosing the former one has to reason
What's wanted is some final solution
An end to it all with no life ahead
I choose the latter for a new season
Trusting in God as my resolution
Gaining promised eternal life instead

Udiah (witness to Yah)