Raven Coates

-DailyCurrant.com uses news satire to "infotain" audiences.

-On their website, DailyCurrant.com authors use real world situations to make fun of celebrities and their fans.

Example 1: The website says Justin Bieber's 4th cousin sprained his ankle while hiking in Nepal when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit. Reporters found this important because the the hiker was a relative of Justin Bieber and felt like there needed to be a report of the man being injured. The authors even use forms of social media, with tweets from Beiber fans, and mention hashtags that have been created in concern for Bieber's cousin. At the end of the report, the hiker says "Honestly, before this happened I didn't even know I was related to Justin Bieber. It's kind of embarrassing actually." Initially making fun of Justin Bieber and his fans. The authors briefly mention the earthquake before directing the attention to Beiber's 4th cousin, thus expressing the dimunation of the entire tragedy of the Nepal Earthquake. They exaggerate the importance of any relative of Justin Bieber and the importance of Justin Bieber to his fans.


Example 2: In this article, authors make fun of both Kim Kardashian and President Obama using innuendo. Kim tweets: "I want to contour this country like I contour my face #KimKardashianForPresident." After the tweet, they bring forth her make-up artist/best friend who explains what contouring is and how Kim has a more realistic approach than Obama because Kim just wants to make the country look nicer, not make a difference like Obama thought he could do. The article then turns their concern to Kanye West, asking his opinion of Kim's candidacy. Kanye states in a radio interview: "I think it's revolutionary that Kim is running for office. Have you seen my bae in a pantsuit? Damn." This is quite in-congruent to what the average presidential candidate's spouse would say in an interview, but then again, most people associated with the presidential office are not interviewed through radio. Towards the end of the article, they interview the Senior White House Correspondent, Sandra Woods, who ironically states "This is clearly a publicity stunt. Anyone who actually thinks Kim would make a good president is out of their mind and should be deported. A vote for Kim would be a vote for the whole Kardashian Klan, can you imagine what her mother would do to the Oval Office?” The author clearly exaggerates Sandra Woods' attitude towards the Kardashians and her over-dedication to the non-corruption of the politics of the U.S. They end the article with Kim's mother, who is clearly trying to take the spotlight from Kim by saying "We are thrilled to announce my run--I mean-my daughter's run for presidency." This article briefly mentions real-world situations, like the 2016 presidential election, but then turns the focus to the Kardashian family, pointing out their flaws.


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