2013 was the year I beat my battle over Anorexia!

I started off the year with a confident mindset. As the year began to progress, I started to take on these unhealthy eating habits. As soon as I knew it, i had lost nine pounds in less than one month for restricting my diet. I started to see a nutritionist , but she wasn't helping. I got extremely depressed and needed to see a therapist. As the months went on, I kept losing weight. It was awful. I was tired, scared, and achy all the time. it was s hard to look at the foods I used to love, like cookies and mac n' cheese, with anxiousness and disgust. I was really in a terrible place.

These pictures show my decline in weight and health. I am the girl with the brown hair. Even though I was smiling, I was really miserable.

Over the summer, I just got worse. One time, I went to see the nutritionist, and I had gained weight. I was so devastated that I barely ate at all for about two weeks. The next time I went to see her, I has lost so much, I was disgusted with myself. I was so tired of fighting. I woke up the next day and decided that I was better then this. I needed my life back, so I decided to gain the weight back, no matter how hard it was for me.

I came out of my shell! It was a great experience for me, and I finally got my life back on track. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the best things, too. Eating disorders can take over your life, and/or kill you. I feel so strong for winning this battle.

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7 months ago