Brief History

   My culture project is about Spongebob.  All of the setting of Spongebob takes place in a town called Bikini Bottom.  The setting also takes place at the bottom of the ocean. Bikini Bottom was founded in 1691 by King Neptune.  



The people of Bikini Bottom live in all kinds of objects, from pineapples to rocks.  The town of Bikini Bottom is small, but has everything that the citizens need in that town.  The population is only about 1000 people.  Most people live in weird shaped metal houses, but some people live in different objects.  

Climate Region.

Everybody that takes place in the town lives underwater.  Most people that live there are some type of fish.  Some are land animals that adapt themselves to live underwater.  This affects their daily life because its the way they breathe and they make jokes about drinking water and such.


The people in the town of Bikini Bottom believe in and worship their King Neptune.  I believe that it is the only religion that they have in their world.  To them that is their God and their King that is actually still alive.  The King lives in a palace just outside of their town.

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