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The Plan For My Iced Drink Business
Alexa Marie Straws 4/29/14

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My Plan:

For my business, I will sell two different drinks: caramel frappuccinos and raspberry iced teas. I love cold drinks and these are my two favorites, so I would like to own a store that features just these two drinks. This way I can produce these drinks so that other people can enjoy them as well.


My caramel frappuccinos cost $1.00 dollar to make and I will sell them for $3.00.

My raspberry iced teas cost $0.50 to make and I will sell them for $2.50.


My manufacturer requires that I sell at least 100 frappuccinos and 200 iced teas each month. This means that I have to spend a minimum of $200.00 each month to produce my products. I am going to set a personal budget of spending no more than $1,000 per month, that way I have at least a 10 month initial start-up for my business.

Inequalities For My Restrictions:

x= the number of frappuccinos                            y= the number of ice teas

Number of drinks sold each month: x+y≥300

Monthly Cost: 3.00x+2.50y≤1,000

To sell at least 100 frappuccinos each month: x≥0, x≥100

To sell at least 200 iced teas each month: y≥0, y≥200

*Per month, not year

Figuring Profits:

x= the number of frappuccinos                             y= the number of ice teas

Money made from sales= $3.00x+$2.50y

Cost to produce= $1.00x+$0.50y

Profits= Money made from sales- Cost to produce

*Per month, not year


Making The Most Money

To make the most money, I would benefit from selling about 100 frappuccinos and 250 iced teas each month.

Money made from sales= 3.00(100)+2.50(250)

= $925.00

Cost to Produce= 1.00(100)+0.50(250)

= $225.00

PROFITS= 925.00-225.00

= $700.00


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