IB Theater Journal #3


October 17, 2013

Pictured Above: Scenes from our Balinese Shadow Puppetry Performances on Wednesday (October 17, 2013)

This week in class we have been presenting our Balinese Shadow Puppetry performances. The final groups that went today was, my group Rob, Noah, and I, and Amy, Emily M, Dan, Monty, Sophie, and Mike. In the first few minutes of class we got to prepare all our puppets and do a final rehearsal. My group worked well together and we completed our final touches well. The first group to perform was Sophie, Amy and Mike's group. I believe this group did well with their presentation. Their puppets looked very intricate, especially the dragon. I think they may have spent more time on the dragon then the other characters. I thought that their story was very entertaining, some of it did not make a lot of sense but I thought that the approach to the story was good in terms of staying close to the traditional art. The next group to perform was my group. I thought that our performance went so much better than I could have imagined. I thought the way I set up the lighting for the presentation was perfect and that the details and intricacy of our puppets was beautifully shown. I thought our script and moral to the story stayed close to the ancient art. One thing we could have improved on was that we could have had some kind of puppet or cloud cut-out to symbolize the presence of God in our story. Although there were some things we could have worked on, I could not have been happier with the performance. The final performance of the day was Monty, Dan and Emily M's group. Their story was based on a bedtime story about a ghost. I thought their characters looked good, especially the ghost. I thought that their story was good. At some times I didn't understand what was happening but I thought the overall performance was entertaining. I did notice that they had a scene which involved the main character smashing a bunch of tomb stones. The group couldn't find their tomb stone cut out and did not include it in the presentation. If they had found this piece I think their presentation could have been a bit more clear. Overall their play appeared to be well put together and thought out. I thought that all groups had good presentations and that they all had some aspects that connected them back to the historical art of Balinese Shadow Puppetry.