Arthur Kanev - Sail Away

Arthur Kanev is an adventurous personality who has worked all over the globe, and has traveled to those places in many different vessels. Ever since he was young, he always had a desire to learn about sailing so that one day he could go all over the world.

Arthur Kanev’s childhood dream became an endeavor that he would eventually pursue later in life. In his years of higher academia he signed up for Celestial Navigation and Coastal Navigation at Harvard College, which he completed in 1975. After he had finished the courses and gained a whole new set of confidence in his abilities to take on the open water, he then spent the next four years circling the globe in an eleven meter sailboat. He and his ship mates had the time of their lives sailing across many oceans and seas; and they were able to visit a lengthy amount of countries throughout their adventure.

As someone who loves to fish as well, Arthur Kanev found himself engaging in one of his favorite hobbies often, but rather as a source of survival and nutrition rather than sport. He and his friends stayed healthy off the benefits of eating fresh catches and all remained in good health throughout their journey. Once they had made it back, they had a ton of stories to tell about the foreign lands they visited, the people they met and the experiences they had. It was the trip of a lifetime for Kanev, who still talks about his most memorable adventure to date.