Edu. 210 Module 9

mLearning K-12 options

Pirate Math

What: Pirate Math is an app that provides students practice with basic math skills. In order to go through to the next level the student needs to get the answer right. They have three chances and thirty seconds to complete the answers. For every level, or question they get right, they are rewarded with gold coins.

How: This is a fun way for students to practice their math skills without having to just do math. They made it a game, with rewards and there is a sense of urgency due to the countdown.

Vocabulary Build

What: Vocabulary Build is an app that offers vocabulary help in a wide variety of classes ranging from 5th grade science to SAT assistance. They offer tests to test you on words you might know, there is a dictionary that provides you with the information you needs to know, as well as a thesaurus. You choose a topic and the app provides a list of words that relate to that topic.

How: This would be a a great tool for a student who is trying to build their vocabulary. They can make lists of trouble words and build off of that. The student can build on the vocabulary in their desired topics.

iTooch Elementary School

What: iTooch Elementary School is a an app for the elementary aged children. They allow for the user to download the different subjects and different grades. I downloaded the Language Arts Gr. 1 module which covered a wide area of language arts knowledge that is needed for a grade one student. Each area asks questions for the child to move on.

How: This would be a great app for adding to the lessons. This would help children who need a little help. I feel like it is easy to use but a parent might be needed to navigate through it.


What: Duolingo is a language software that helps people learn the basics of many languages. I set mine up for French and it builds from the base of the language. It uses sounds, pictures, words, as well as, the different grammar.

How: a student can use this app as a tool to improve their individual understanding of the language through their own studies or the teacher can incorporate this app by using the achievements as assignments. This way the student can perform at their own pace, in their own time.

Vocab 7

What: Vocab 7 provides the student with quizzes to practice. The quizzes provide the student with different styles of quizzes, ranging from driving a car into the questions or simply having flashcards. The questions place the words into sentences and ask for the meaning of the CAP LOCKED words.

How: This would be good to use in a classroom as an activity to practice vocabulary. They can independently work on their lessons. Each topic has three levels and there is a wide variety of the topics. The student needs to pass the previous topic in order to unlock the next level.

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