Guinea Pig Facts.

An adult guinea pigs weight is around 1.2 kg. The length of a adult guinea pig is around 20-25 cm.The scientific name of a guinea pig is Cavia porcellus. The gestation period is 59-72 days.The guinea pig is part of a rodent family.They originated in the Andes.A male guinea pig is called a boar a female is called a sow.A guinea pig will purr when it is happy.A baby guinea pig is called a pup.Guinea pigs will squeak to get attention from their owner.A guinea pig will only bite if they think your hand is food.A baby guinea pig can live on its on when it is five days old.A guinea pig can have up to 4 pups.There are places where people eat guinea pig.A baby guinea pig can run after 3 hours of being born.

We miss you woody!!! :(