EDU 210 5 Useful Apps


iStudiez is an app that can be used to track all your assignments, classes, tests and anything else that you might have going on in your life. It is supposed to help organize your life to ensure that everything can be put together in an orderly way.

This app can help students in the classroom because they have so many different activities and homework assignments that they can organize their lives on a device and app that is easy to use.


Skype is an app that is an online video conferencing app that you can chat on as well and has the ability to connect to anyone with the app and with internet. It can be done between countries and is free. It can also connect between devices such as phones, tablets, and computers.

Students would be able to use Skype to video call into class if they are sick or unable to make it into the physical classroom that day. It also can have students be able to send chats to their teachers or fellow students at times they may need help.


This app functions just like a paper dictionary except it can be downloaded onto a device. It also contains extra features such as a thesaurus, and translator. This can allow for anyone to look up words or synonyms and even translate words wherever someone is.

Students can use this because they can access so many word resources from the convenience of their phones. For students they can look up spelling, meaning, and synonyms to use in writing. Also for english learning students they are able to use the translator and be able to use it when they do not understand a word.

MyScript Calculator

This app is an app where you can draw a math equation that you are learning and the app will put the equation into text and calculate it for you. It can very effective to solve equations and help with simple and complex math problems.

Students can use this app to help them check math questions they are working on in class. They can do math equations that they do not get wherever they are.

iElements Periodic Table

This is an app that shows the periodic table and it can be clicked on to give some small amounts of information on some of the elements. Being able to access a periodic table anywhere that is accurate and easy to read is very important.

This will help students that are hoping to learn chemistry or need chemistry help without carrying around an entire textbook that contains the periodic table.

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