Klára Dědičová 8. B

1. What do you think the future will be like? What things will change? How will they change?
2. Write down your ideas. add some illustrations.

I' will think like the future is a beautiful... We will live in our planet - the Earth, but in the Space - most likely in a Mars or in Moon.

Our humanity will be dependent on cucumbers - scientist find out cucumbers are very good fuel for vehicles.

On  21.12.2012 explode our nuclear power plant - Temelín. Temelín will be second Černobil. Because consequence will be very badly, Czech Republic will be forbid belt peoples move - preferably to England  or France.  

3. Interview with my daddy :)

I  : Do you think, that the future will be a beautiful?DADY : Yes, I think, that our future will be a beautiful.I  : Do you think, that the humanity will move to Mars or Moon?
DADY : I think, that for long time sure.I  :  Would you like to live on Mars or Moon?
DADY :  No, because Mars and Moon are cold planet.I  : Haw you about plans to the future?
DADY :  I have no plans.I : Do you think, that will be end of the world 2012 - apocalypse?
DADY : No, absolutly not.I :  Thanks and merry Christmas and happy New year :) !

From my survey follow, that the future will be  just a very beautiful, as dangerous.
,,The humanity always afraid of the future, and it will be forever...''

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