To the class of 2019
Most important person in my life past, present, and future
Agriculture: What has made me who I am
I have always loved softball and it defiantly made me who I am
Animals have helped me make it through many hard times in m
I plan to center my whole future around agriculture and do my best to give back through Ag.
I have experienced many new things in this year of my life that has changed me forever. Such as showing at North American.
I plan to make that number 288, 270
My friends are and always will be some of the most important people in my life and I hope to kept the friends I have now, forever.
I am extremely passionate about photography and when my photo was used by DRIVE Livestock Advertising Company it only inspired me more.
This is probably my favorite shot I have ever taken and weather I ever make it in photography or not I will always be proud of it.
Lately I have learned the real importance of crops as well as raising livestock.

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