Clawson Classroom News 1-12-15

Classroom news

Flat Stanley's went home over the weekend.  These can be sent out and returned to school.  Since Stanley may be traveling to far away places I anticipate having them come in throughout the next month or so.  Feel free to send Stanley anywhere from right here by us all the way to China.  This week we are going to be learning about the ai and ay sound in phonics.  We are also learning about visualization in reading, How-to writing in writing and graphs during math time.  


Conferences are coming up.  Please check the following link to sign up for the time you would like.  These will be student led conferences.  If you log in from a device other than a computer you might have a hard time signing up for your time.  You can email me with your time if you are unable to sign up on your own.


Don't forget to check out twitter to see pictures of various class activities throughout the week. @whclawson.  One thing that is a little different this quarter is the way devices can be brought home.  Taking the Nexus home is a privilege and only students who show that they can follow directions during the day will be able to take them home at night.

Sight words

Don't forget we will be doing a spelling test on these words at the end of the week. (would, could, every, want, house)

Specials rotation

Tuesday-PE  Wednesday-Art  Thursday-Library  Friday-PE