Codominance in Erminette Chickens

Erminette colored chickens are the result of a black chicken and a white chicken breeding.


Codominance occurs when both of the alleles are expressed as dominant phenotypes.

The heterozygous phenotype is a not mixture of the two homozygous phenotypes in codominance.

The phenotype shows both of the dominant traits as spots, splotches, or stripes

Codominance in coat or skin color is common in many species of animals such as cows, fish, snakes, and rabbits.

The combinations of the two alleles is never the same within the offspring.

Erminette Chickens

The erminette pattern in chickens is created when a chicken with black feathers and a one with white breed. The alleles don't mix making a grey chicken, instead, the chicken has a pattern of black and white feathers

The erminette coloration in chickens is different than the breed of erminette chickens. The coloration is only found when a white chicken and black chicken breed. The breed of erminette chickens is white, with black spots, and some rust colored sploches.

Two erminette colored chickens cross to form one black, one white, and two erminette colored chickens