iWest Newsletter

Our learners and facilitators have been busy these last few weeks!

Awarded grant from the Coppell Education Foundation!

We would like to thank the Coppell Education Foundation for their support of our blended program! With their help we can enrich our learning, connect globally and create! Through this grant iWest will have access to tripods and microphones for the iPads for group and individual use in all content areas for product creation in recording video, stop motion video, scene capture, etc. for learning experiences as well as an iMac Station in our Learning HUB for video compilation, creation, editing and storage, team planning, collaborative work and projection for Skype in the Classroom Connections! We are so thankful for the Coppell Education Foundation.

Ready Set Teach Learners Visited iWest to Collaborate in ELA!

iWest learner had RST learners as critical friends in the evaluation process of their Anti-bullying Public Service Announcements. These PSAs will be voted on by learners and the the best of the best will be used at the elementary level to promote cooperation, caring and effort. This was a great collaboration between CHS and iWest.

  • iWest learners shared an "Appreciation" Padlet. See their thank you notes above!

Message in A Bottle Authentic Learning

In Science, learners are tracking where their hypothetical messages in bottles would travel as they learn of ocean currents and the affect they have on weather formation. They are producing Google Earth Tours to show the path the bottle would take according to currents, weather and human impact. In addition, learners are including a weather map symbolizing the weather the bottle was subject to along the way.

US History Comes Together for Constitutional Convention

Math Matriculated Zombies!

Can a zombie or zombie arm catch you? Math 8 calculated just that! Yes, a zombie arm can catch you! Slope and rate of change were studied with these learning activities.

iWest Educators Present at TAGT

iWest educators are spreading the word about blended with, "Can We Blend It? Yes, we can!" presentation on the ins and outs of blended instructional design at the Texas Associate for the Gifted and Talented 2014 annual conference. In addition, they led a "Roads? There Are No Roads." session which was a Web 2.0 tour of tools and apps to use in the classroom.

From Ours to Yours!