session one-you learned some basics and definitions in genetics. you explored a history of the science of genetics. and you constructed a model of a D.N.A. molecule.

session two- you explored the process of mitosis. experimented with combining chromosomes pairs. you experiment with combing chromosomes pairs.

session three- investigated how dominant and genes combine. and you determined genetic notation. you get to deter-main genetic notation

session four- you used Lego bricks to simulate alleles. and you combined alleles to produce offspring. you get to calculate the probability of produce certain offspring.

session five- you learned about sex-linked traits. you also analyze genotypes and phenotypes of a dihybrid cross. and last you get to simulate your own dihybrid cross experiment to produce offspring.

session six- you learned about ways that genetic research is used in modern society. you also view situations involving the effects of genetic research. last you discuss the risks and benefits of genetic research.

session seven- you use Lego bricks to simulate a population. you also explore the effects of natural selection on a population. last you explore the effects of environmental change on a given population.

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