Crazie Club

The place for those special people

Anyone wondering why I spelt it "Crazie" club? Of course you are (sarcasm)! See, Crazie Club is really a word 'incagneto'. Check this out.


I know it's really dumb and cheesy, but I love it. Anytime I talk about the Crazie Club or most of all someone else talk about the Crazie Club, I just emotions bubble up inside. Because the Crazie Club is such a big part of my past, and it's one of the few things I haven't given up on doing even though it was a little "hard to manage" sometimes. The Crazie Club is to me, a symbol of eternal friendship. So it just... warms me up inside, as if I had just met my true love (I'm going to end up alone and live in a cozy little house with 28 cats).

The Crazie Club is really just a fun little club. Nothing particularly special about it, but it can be really fun if you just do this one thing...
... "I-maaaaaaaaaaa-gi-nation!" Sorry, I just got SpongeBob in your head, didn't I? My apologies, but so true! With your imagination. Anything is possible. You can be a grumpy old 82 year old man and still have loads of fun with an imagination! So, the Crazie Club encourages you, to bring your imagination out. Doesn't matter how old, young, or average you are. Doesn't matter how fun or serious you are. Doesn't matter how busy, free, hurt, alone, surrounded, stressed, happy, or anything else. Everyone has an imagination. So, if you're willing. Join us. You don't need to put a lot of time into it. You don't need to constantly be online as if we'll sew you or you'll lose your membership. This club is for pure fun, and your life isn't my business. I just want to brighten it up.

I love you all!

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