ChildrenĀ“s in the 21st century


For thousands of years, families put their children to work on their farms or in whatever labor was necessary for survival , now the kids only go to school and have fun.  Now their parents are responsible for the economy of the family, in most cases, and child labor is illegal in our society. In that moment that was common.

Children now have different technological devices wich they play with, years ago they played in the street with their neighbors and with very limited resources. Luckily they had a ball or a doll.

Education is very different than it was before, the contents are different and the way you learn also. Their responsibilities are not the same as before.

The dress was very formal, girls wore dresses and boys were dressed with shoes and shoes, now they dress much simpler, and most dresses as they want. Before they depended much more from their parents.

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